Friday, January 23, 2009

Kreativ-Award for my blog...

I am very thankful for Dawn at Frogaritaville for awarding my blog with this award. She is a frequent visitor of mine and has left a nice message about my blog on hers. With this award, I need to select 5 bloggers that I think do creative work that inspires me and tell why they inspire me.

  1. Tomi - She does some awesome and creative work and it almost seems like it is no effort to her at all to acomplish it.
  2. Lea - I can't believe how many cute cards she posts in a week. They are almost perfect and it would take me several days to do just one.
  3. Enfys - Her cards always are super creative. I just love the ideas she comes up with.
  4. Regan - This gal always has such cute creations posted on her blog. I visit her blog quite frequently to see the newly posted items.
  5. Heidi - I love all the designs that she comes up with for 2sketches4you. She has truly inspired me to become better at my card making and always has such nice things to say about my cards.
Have a happy weekend!!


  1. congrats to you Amy.. you deserve it...

  2. Oh thank you so much Amy, pleased, honoured, (oscar acceptance speech here :). You so deserve this. I will put it on my blog in a couple of days.
    Enfys x

  3. Thank you so much for the blog award Amy! I am horrible at ever remembering to do them on my blog...but I wanted to say thanks, and that I am honored!


  4. Thanks, Amy! You are such a great friend. I love the new look on your blog!

  5. Thank you so much Amy! What a wonderful very sweet of you!

    As you know it may take me a bit to pass this on, but I truly do appreciate it!



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