Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in our house, but not the standard way that others do. My older daughter’s birthday falls on March 17th and this year I made her a Barbie cake. We were walking through the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and she spotted one in the bakery…..now she knew that her birthday was getting closer and she asked if I would buy her a cake like that. I took one look at the price and decided that I would attempt to make her one. I have always wanted to try my hand at cake decorating, but I have never had a class. I remember my grandmother making these cakes for me and my female cousins when we had birthdays, but I didn’t know so much time when into them……I totally appreciate the time my grandmother spent on creating these cakes now that I have made one (and spent the majority of my morning creating this cake). I use to watch my grandmother decorate cakes (she use to work for a bakery making wedding cakes) and do all kinds of crafty things. I think that because of her, I have a passion for creating.

Happy Birthday Alisia….My Little Princess!! Sorry I didn't get your Aurora card made, but I hope you liked your Aurora cake. ♥


  1. You did a wonderful job for your fisrt Barbie cake.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  2. Wow! You made that?!!! Sheesh, multi-talented...I just spotted one of those at the store and I'm buying one for my 14 year olds birthday :) {I don't bake..I just like to eat baked goods..lol} You did a magnificent job...happy birthday to your girl!

  3. I cannot believe you never took a class this cake is awesome and look at her sweet smile tells it all

  4. Wow, this is awesome. Beautiful cake and Alisia's smile says it all. Happy birthday baby girl!

  5. WOW!! That's your first doll cake??? Your a natural at it!! Beautiful cake for a Beautiful little girl.

  6. Oh my goodness Amy! You did a wonderful job!

    Happy Birthday Alisia! I hope you had a fun day!

  7. Great Barbie cake-makin memories!


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