Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sneak Peeks, Blog Award, New Header, etc.

Hello everyone!!  Did you know that I just had my 300th post on my blog??  How crazy is that??  Little did I know a little over two years ago that I would have over 300 posts on my has been so much fun sharing with you and joining in on challenges.  Thanks to everyone that visits and leaves me some love.  Here is to another 300 posts......  =)

Sneak Peeks
I have a few sneak peeks of the projects I have been working on with the Apron Strings Designs Smaller Than A Bread Box kit.  All of the papers in this kit were fabulous and I loved working with all of them....they are from Pink Paisley, Fancy Pants, and Graphic 45.  I hope to share the rest of it with you in the next week.

Blog Award

I received a new blog award from Liz at Liz's Paper Loft.  Thanks so much Liz for nominating me for this lovely award, she has been a regular visitor to my blog and always leaves such nice comments.  Liz has some fabulous card and layout should hop on over to her blog and check it out.

I would like to pass this blog award on to the following 5 people for their fabulous blogs that always inspire me........ (there are so many more out there that I love to visit, but it could take me all day to post them)......

Tomi at just what i {squeeze} in- always has something trendy going on...
Ginny at GinnyLou Studio - I love her eye for detail.....
Tonya at The Cozy House Crafter - check out her fun handmade items....
Brooke at {Designs by Brooke} - she has such a beautiful style.....
Kathryn at The Kitchen Table Crafter - such a fresh style and lovely attention to detail.....

I hope you visit each of their blogs and give them a little love.

Comment Moderation
Unfortunately due to spam being posted on my comments, I have had to start comment moderation.  I don't like it when people think that my blog is a springboard for their personal gain.  I am sorry if this is inconvenient for anyone, but I don't want my blog to be clogged up with ads and inappropriate links.

Summer Giveaway
I still have my Summer Giveaway going on and there is just a little over a week to get your chances in to win one of the Cricut carts I am giving away.

Tutorials and Sketches
I am thinking about starting to post some tutorials and sharing some more of my sketches....would any of you be interested in these??

New Blog Header
Check out my new blog header.....I spent a little time creating and loading it last night......let me know what you think....

Whew!!  That was a lot to cover in just one posting.  I appreciate your comments.  Thanks for visiting!!


  1. would love to see sketches.... I need all the help I can get to get my pics scrapped & as I said earlier, I love your header!! Congrats on the award too!

  2. Thanks for the award, Amy! My blog is just a collection of ideas I have seen shared by sweet people like you! I enjoy making lots of different things. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your cards, and I would definitely be interested in tutorials and sketches made by you. You are so talented. I also really like your new header - so very pretty! I am looking forward to seeing more from you and best wishes! I am off to check out your summer giveaway!

  3. AHHHH thanks Amy... What an honor coming from you) So glad you found me my fellow Utah gal.... Thanks for inspiring us all with your beautiful work... I ABSOLUTELY adore you..


  4. wow Amy! thanks a ton! :D you just made my night!! i'm going to pass the joy along :)

    btw, i LOVE your new header... that pic w/ your kids is adorable :)

    and by ALL MEANS >> share the sketches and tutorials, keep 'em coming--they're great ways to create something new, and i love doing that.

    XOXO ginny

  5. Congrats on the blog award...well deserved! Sorry about the spamming, it's a shame that people can respect other's space.

    I LOVE your new blog header! So stinkin' cute!


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