Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Easy Scrap Tool Organizer with Mini Tutorial

I don't have a paper crafting project to share with you today, but I wanted to share this really easy scrapping tool organizer that I made last week.  I am keeping some ink pads, twine spools, stamps, metal embellishments, and some adhesive stored in it.  I have it on my desk within easy reach and it looks so fab!!

Here is how I made it.......
I found the pieces at a second hand store (a total of $5) and bought the paint and adhesive at Michaels (with lots left over for other projects). I washed the glass candlestick and lightly sanded the metal pieces (to help the paint adhere) and then painted the metal pieces with spray paint....make sure you use the spray paint in a well ventilated area.....I did mine outside. 
I added a few layers of paint and waited for it to completely dry. I then glued and assembled the pieces together.  The adhesive that I used is Aleene's 7800 Platinum Bond.  Here is the project completely finished......

I hope that this has inspired you to search the shelves at your local second hand store for something you can get your hands on to alter and make your own.  Don't forget that I have a fun giveaway going on.......Click HERE to get entered......I will be drawing a winner this weekend.  =)



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  2. Love it, I made one similar to this for my thread. I never thought to visit the second hand store. Yours is so elegant!! Thank you for the tip, it's just lovely!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial. I have a plate stand and some old plates on my worktable and it's so handy. I may have to make a few more holders with your technique!


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